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This requires quality with convincing arguments.

We offer you this with our products as well as in the service area – by establishing and expanding strategic partnerships, but also in the further development of our engineering services.

This enables us to remain competitive under the keyword “globalization” by also focusing on outstanding quality in production. Here are some examples of the customers who trust us locally and globally:

Schweizer Group

In a complex manufacturing process, high-quality aluminium and magnesium die-cast products are produced for the Schweizer Group. These products are required for the construction of V6 and V8 engines. As a competent partner in the automotive supply industry, Klingel GmbH manufactures high-precision components in a technically complex machining process (CNC machining).

ZF Lenksysteme

The leading manufacturer of steering systems for commercial vehicles and cars. With its plants in Germany, France, Brazil and China, the Group’s products help to get Europe’s renowned car brands safely through every bend. Klingel produces millions of components for power steering systems of the highest quality and provides them ready for assembly.


The company is one of the most important suppliers to the commercial vehicle and automotive industry in the field of sophisticated vehicle hydraulics. Klingel GmbH manufactures components in the µ-tolerance range in large series for servo steering pumps and gear pumps.