Automotive  |  Production

Automated and stable production processes, the continuous optimization of our processes and procedures and the competence and routine of our employees guarantee the daily output of 80,000 – 100,000 parts. We manufacture over 200 variants.

As a system supplier with the engineering competence for series-optimized component design and the knowledge of ideal resource-saving industrialization, we work with our customers to develop the most economical production method for a product series, jointly determine the ideal supplier of raw parts and develop highly economical clamping solutions in fixture construction.

We consistently focus on the needs and requirements of our customers and provide reliable production capacities. Our know-how for coping with the technical and procedural challenges involved has been proven in practice.

In our large series production we use in particular the following machining competences:

Machining of aluminium die casting and gravity die casting, magnesium, sinter and steel

Pressing in of bushings and barrels with force-displacement monitoring

High volume lapping with high flatness and parallelism accuracy

ECM Deburring

High-pressure waterjet deburring

Anodizing of highly strained surfaces