To meet the demanding level of our customers, we use nothing but raw material from quality suppliers.


Just as carefully and as a matter of course, we track the material batches from receipt of goods through production to dispatch.

Material use and procurement

Benefit from our more than 40 years of experience right from the start:


We use standardised project plans when designing and producing hydraulic cylinders specially designed for a customer application.

Development and construction

The highest requirements apply here. That is why we manufacture in small series, which helps our customers to move big things.


Produced especially according to their specifications and delivered ready for installation. Our cylinders are mostly used where safety is essential

Produktion und Kompetenzen

Qualität kommt an – und das schon seit 1978, als die Herren Klingel das Unternehmen gründeten.


Als Systemlieferant anspruchsvoller Hydraulikzylinder vertrauen unsere Kunden aus der Investitionsgüterindustrie weltweit unserer Kompetenz