Cylinders | Production and competencies

The highest requirements apply here. That is why we manufacture in small series, which helps our customers to move big things.

Produced especially according to your specifications and delivered ready for installation. Our cylinders are mostly used where security is essential – for example in:

Construction machinery

Concrete placing booms

Support systems


Bending machines

Die-casting machines and moulds

The hydraulic cylinders are mainly made of fine-grained structural steel of grades S355 to S890. For weight-critical applications we use high-strength aluminium for pistons and guides. The sealing systems are designed for extreme pressure and strong mechanical and thermal loads.

The materials are processed by experienced professionals – that is why we can also offer you the certified safety ‘DIN 18800, part 7’ when welding. Our philosophy is “Precision, well done”; so you can trust our complete quality in all process stages – from turning to milling, deep hole drilling, peeling, roller burnishing, honing and welding.

Milling machines
table size max: 4000 x 570 long board
Axles: 4
max. travel Z-axis: 1100

Construction machines
drilling range Ø max: 36mm – max. 305mm
drilling length: 3000mm

Turning machines
workpiece length max: 3000mm
diameter Ø max: 500mm
Axes: X, Y, C

2-with tailstock
program-controlled saw
with parts removal